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Cell phone spying is the high-tech alternative to stalking your spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend to catch them red-handed hooking-up, cheating or cheating online with sexting or sending suggestive photos or videos!

Think about Tiger Woods who was busted when his wife caught him sending late-night texts to women or Anthony Weiner or the Congressman busted when sending naked photos of himself. A-Rod was caught secretly sexting with Madonna by his wife and Eliot Spitzer was caught sexting with a passel of prostitutes.

But for all of those cheaters that were busted, there’s thousands that are getting away with it every day – and one of them could be your husband or wife – your girlfriend or boyfriend! But installing spying applications on their cell phone can put you in the driver’s seat. You can get the information you need to confront them and either put a stop to their cheating or put the brakes on your relationship altogether.

No matter what type of device your target uses, you can get affordable spy apps for Android, spy apps for iPhone or spy apps for Blackberry devices. With just a minute or two along with the device, you can install mobile spy software such as Stealth Genie and they will never even know the spy apps are there.

Here’s how spying applications will help you to catch the cheater in the act:

1. Read all texts sent or received (even if they try to delete them) with SMS spy apps

2. Read all emails sent or received (even if they delete them)

3. See all photos and videos taken or uploaded to the device (even if they later delete them)

4. See what numbers are calling in and what numbers are dialed and how long the calls were

5. Listen in on live phone calls while they are happening

6. Track the location of the cell phone using the GPS tracking component

7. See what websites are being visited on the phone’s web browser (even if the history is deleted)

If your significant other or spouse is staying out late, blaming work for not being at home, getting calls late at night or on weekends and not telling you who it was, hiding their phone from you, leaving the room to take calls, texting constantly and more – these are all huge red flags that something is going on that you need to know about. Spy apps such as those offered by Mobile Spy can help you catch the cheater and provide irrefutable proof that you’re onto their shenanigans!

Spy apps can give you the information you need to set yourself free. Cell phone spy apps are the tool you can use to get the truth you want. Ignoring the red flags in your relationship won’t make the cheater stop and if you don’t confront them, you’ll be stuck with that cheater indefinitely. Investing in spy apps may be the best investment in your future peace of mind.

Mobile phone spy software cannot be found in the app stores.  App Stores like Google Play wont allow these powerful Spying Apps because they are just too powerfull!  

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